Two Elements To Prioritise That Will Help You Buy A Great Business Suit

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Business suits are generally accepted as appropriate attire for any function that requires formal attire, making them a must-have in any respectable person's closet. From the office to dinner parties, an appealing suit can make the transition effortlessly. Nonetheless, you likely have worn or come across several people wearing ill-fitting suits that look cheap and unappealing.

While one can easily blame this on the price tag of the suit with designer labels being quite costly, the reality is a business suit will look out of place if you ignore two crucial factors before you purchase one. Before you buy your next business suit, here are two elements to prioritise that will help you spend money on an attractive choice.

The structure of the suit

One of the most common reasons why people end up looking like they are wearing an unshapely business suit is because they did not put any thought to its structure. There are two different types of structures that inform suit design and these are the rigid structure and the light structure. Rigidly structured business suits appear similar to military uniforms and can comprise multiple layers of padding and lining to make the jacket form. This rigid structure lends the wearer an upright and austere silhouette.

The formality of rigid structure business suits makes them highly suited to formal occasions for example weddings, award ceremonies or funerals.  A lightly structured suit, on the other hand, is tailored more softly with the aim of it naturally following the wearer's physique. This type of suit will typically have no padding but it does have a snug fit to follow your shoulders, arms, sides of the legs and so. These business suits are great for a casual day at the office, brunches and more. 

The fit of the suit

The second element that should guide your purchase of an attractive suit is the fit. The mistake some people make is thinking that a suit should be baggy but a large size will only give you a frumpy appearance. Irrespective of your weight, height and overall physique, there are several guidelines to have in mind when figuring out the suit. For starters, the suit jacket should look like it is hugging your shoulders, so neither too loose nor too tight.

If it is a structured suit with shoulder pads, make sure that the pads do not jut out past your shoulders even by a centimetre. When it comes to the chest, the jacket should be effortless but not too easy due to the extra space between the button and your torso. Watch out for excessively short or long sleeves by ensuring you can cup the cuff by at least an inch and not more. 

For more tips on getting a business suit, reach out to a local clothing store.